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ALM PD250 Spool & Line for Power Devil Einhell Powerbase Strimmer

Code: ALM PD250  

Product description

ALM PD250 Suitable for the following makes and models:

Power Devil models: HBLMK1, HMLT1, PDG215, PDG4001LT, PDG4011LT, PDG4012LT

Einhell models: AT-18 (34.051.55), BG-ET 2620 (34.013.50), BG-ET 3725 (34.011.90), ER 350/25, ERT 350, E-RT 3525, ET 350/25, HRT 35, MRT 350, NAT 18, RT 3725 TA, RTE 2535, RTX 350, Compares to: 34.050.10, 340135001040

Powerbase 220W, 250W, 350W (supplied free with mower), DCSRT18v Cordless, LRT250B, M1G-ZP-250, N1F-GT-240-B, N1F-GT-250-B, N1F-GT-240/250-B, N1F-GT-350-B, N1F-GT-250/350-B, SRT350B (603284) Article numbers: 597645, 603284, 614465, 720712, 752811

Gardol models: RT2535

Power Glide models: 60101291, 60101391 Compares to: 60101351 (7156771)

Atika models: RT 250, RT 350

Challenge models: DCHG18, M1G-ZP-250, N1F-GT-240-B, N1F-GT-250-B, N1F-GT-240/250-B,DCSRT18, LRT250B, N1F-GT-240/250-B, N1F-GT-250/350-B, SRT350B

Pattfield models: PE-ERT 4025, RT 3525

Gardenline models: DCSRT200-3 Compares to: BBF-001

Powerforce models: CGT250B1, CLGT012011 18v Tesco Value Cordless grass trimmer (catalogue number: 213-1429)

Cotech models: GTC350B, GTC350B-UK (18-3149), MOB-LR06-230/C, MOB-LR06-230/C-UK (18-4371), 31-1036, 40-6990, Compares to: BBF-0016

Wolf models: Campus 250 GT, Campus 250 RT, Campus 350 RT, Compares to GT-RT, 6070095

Sovereign models: N1F-GT-250/350-B, N1F-GT-220/250-C, SGT18-2 (18v), SLT18-2 (Article number: 387774, 994803)

Power It models: Trim and Edge 400W (Robert Dyas code 152-110)

Ozito models: OZCLT18VA

NuTool models: GD220W (220W Article code: 720712), NTGG250

Asda Lynx models: GLT300

JCB models: LT24300

CMI models: CMI 18v Accu, CMI 18ART Accu, CMI Art 18

Spool supplied with:

1.3mm trimmer line

2 x 3.5m

Manufactured in the UK

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